e-mERGING a r t i S T S WOMEN ART PRIZE/ X-treme

Photos of the exhibition by: L. Fürstenow [digital] & Marcus Schneider [analogue])

Description of the project:

Saint Petersburg 1989-1997.

Bad Pyrmont, first migrant camp September 1997

Kreiensen, second migrant camp, from October 1997
Hanover, first apartment, April 1998

Hamburg 2001 lonely and abandoned on a park bench. Somewhere in the zoo. Forgotten. Lost. Mom is crying.

The Smena-8M.
This simple 35mm viewfinder camera, built by the Saint Petersburg company LOMO, captured my entire childhood; Until I was 12 years old, I looked into the small, unadjustable lens - sometimes full of joy, sometimes sad, sometimes annoyed due to puberty.
Since it was our only camera that made it to Germany with us, I was hardly allowed to use it. In Russia, my mother developed all the pictures herself in our narrow bathroom, in Germany, we discovered Rossmann for ourselves. Not quite as artistic, but always reliable and cheap.
A few years later, after losing the first Smena-8M, I finally discovered a duplicate of the Smena at my grandmother's place in St. Petersburg. Like its predecessor, this camera also had to go through the long journey from Russia to Germany and from that moment on allowed me top immerse myself in the LOMO / ЛОМО world.

How fitting. How fateful! Lomo - a Leningrad / Petersburg character! Like me!

Not only the Smena-8M is known in the Lomo scene, after my first love I built a long-term relationship with the Diana F +.
I discovered her during a trip to Lisbon - totally surprised to hear of a Lomography movement in Europe. This discovery was followed by an infinite number of photos, a few trips, the first Rossmann-independent negative scanner, a lot of cat hair on the scans, a few grains of dust and overall a very colorful, exciting world.

The photos provided for this exhibition are taken on the Diana F +.