Dek Unu Art

Solo Exhibition of Fine Art Photography

01 März 2023

Dek Uno Magazine

The mission of Dek Unu Magazine is to provide respectable and respectful publication and promotion for accomplished, adventurous fine art photography. For us, „respectable“ means selecting quality work from artists of all backgrounds and pedigrees, keeping to high curatorial standards, and presenting each edition to an interested and literate audience.

For us, a „respectful“ magazine puts artists, not advertisers, first, creates each issue in close collaboration with its artist, and never takes unfair financial advantage of any artist’s work. In keeping with our mission, Dek Unu Magazine is not-for-profit, does not accept outside advertising of any kind, and never charges an artist a fee to submit. This gives us a great deal of editorial freedom and the opportunity to publish adventurous art. However, although we operate on a shoestring budget, we can’t rely on advertising revenue to pay the bills.

Publication available: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2432094

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