About Polina Schneider

Mark Alexander founded MIES Studio in 2004 after a successful career with top practices in London and Amsterdam. We are a practice that focuses on delivering exceptional design with a considered and personal service. Our work aims to make a lasting contribution to the urban and natural context by challenging, provoking and delighting.

We are a practice that focuses functionality becomes the basis of the project is enriched by poetry and expertise of architects of the agency. Much attention is paid to the choice of materials and the influence of light to an architecture that can be seen from outside and saw the interior expertise of architects of the agency paid to the choice.

Latest Projects


Ryan Long
Joseph Harper
Marlon Huff
Kara Torres


Teresia Poston
Yolonda Wills
Zack Hurt
Heather Gonzalez


Gerald Perry
Ronald Barnes
Nicholas Morgan
Jerry Powell, Marketing


Emily Long, Business
Louise Perez
Ryan Butler
Jeffrey Henderson

Latest Exhibitions

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17. November 2023

Zur Wiedereröffnung des Weißekreuzplatzes im November (Termin noch nicht bekannt) ist die Ausstellung „I, Superhero“ von Fotojournalistin Polina Schneider zu sehen

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Alternative Processes Exhibitions

15. November 2023

Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce the 19th International Alternative Processes Competition. Located in lower Manhattan, SPG is New York City’s longest running co-operative photography gallery. All selected photographs will be exhibited at the Gallery as well as on our website.

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20. Oktober 2023

I will talk on civilization. But after a while I thought that was a very ambiguous title. It could mean a lot, it could mean the whole history of civilization.