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GESTE Paris is pleased to announce for 2022 its sixth annual exhibition Meta_Contra_Verse curated by Shiva Lynn Burgos, the founder of GESTE, Camille Gajate and Georg Bak.

26. NOVEMBER 2022



This year’s exhibition features digital intangibles such as shape-shifting avatars, blockchain-based NFTs, physical and forged representations thereof, WEB 3.0, AI-generated art and text, the metaverse and „verse“ in general as a lyrical counter-point in dialogue with photography, sculpture and drawing and such representations of imaginary worlds in art history. 

Meta_Contra_Verse,  takes its inspiration from influential philosopher Vilém Flusser who described photography in terms of a philosophical action or gesture. Since his death in 1991 the world of photography and image-making has expanded exponentially. Artificial intelligence is creating algorithmic hyper-interpretations, virtual and augmented reality let us explore worlds both real and simulated. Glitches in these systems are self-reflective and catalyse further creative opportunities. 

Questions frame the exhibition: What would Flusser say when confronted with these novel realities and potentials?  How can we play within and alongside (meta) the machine rather than against it (contra)? How have the means shifted our future’s future vision of creation? How are fears attached to these transformational media? Why is it contra_versial? Is there space for everyone in this space? What does it look like? Feel like?  Smell like?  Where do these bubbles divert and connect artistically? 

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